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Profiling innovative method for Tin packaging

Tin Star Manufacturing Limited | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Packaging innovation of shapes can play call that youthful vigor of the market role, attract the attention of consumers, 

so as to promote product sales. When shape innovation profiling method is used.

The 1th step, according to the market positioning of product sales to determine the consumer's entertainment, leisure, 

hobbies, personality and other aspects of common features, select the shapes you want to copy the object.

The 2nd step, simplification and concentration to the shape you want to copy, not only to "shape" and "spirit".

The 3rd step, then combining the features and designs of Tin processing characteristics, shape of features of structure, 

as well as the ease of use and safety. Models, content, coordinate consumer psychology.

When selecting a mock object, you should also note that in line with the trend of consumption should not imitate others 

have imitated out of shape. While imitating vision should be relaxed. Can mimic the shape of the many, many, such as 

the cute little animals we all know, daily supplies, has been accepted by everyone has Visual shape. Currently on 

the market have emerged: the Red Panda, small dolls, cars, television sets, shoes, mailboxes, heart-shaped, star-shaped, 

egg-shaped, drum-shaped, suitcases, bags, books shaped, basket-shaped and so on.

Copying the product packaging and its market position for children, young people and other consumer groups. By 

copying an innovative new product, likely to be accepted by the market.

Tinplate cans of printed tinplate is made, classification can be different according to different criteria: according to 

shape: can be divided into round cans, rectangular tank, square cans, oval tanks, heart-shaped cans, special-shaped 

cans. According to the structure: can be divided into two pots, three piece cans. By purpose: tea Tin cake tin, medicine jar,

 candy jar, food cans, gift cans, candle jar, hand pot, piggy bank, drum, PVC/PET drum ... ...

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