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Packing White Rabbit's Tofee in Tin Box to Increase Price

Tin Star Manufacturing Limited | Updated: May 21, 2018

"White rabbit change new tin box packaging, prices rose 9 times, 265RMB per pound you will buy it?" "White rabbit toffee plus French design " Yesterday, many citizens of the WeChat friends circle had emerged such a topic. As an old-time candy brand relished by the Shanghai people, White Rabbit and Toffee have joined the French fashion brand “Agnès b.” to launch a limited edition collector's edition: blue and pink two rabbit-shaped tinned candies and blue boxes (milk Flavor) 128 grams, each box was priced at 65RMB, pink boxed (red bean flavor) price is more expensive 3RMB, its worth is 10 times the traditional plain packaging rabbit white candy.


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