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Sellers thinking out of the box for mooncakes

Tin Star Manufacturing Limited | Updated: Sep 02, 2016

Mooncake making in the Republic is serious business. Some hotels use separate kitchens and even conveyor belts to help cope with high production volumes as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. And year after year, consumers are treated to a barrage of new flavours and elaborate packaging.

Hotels Channel NewsAsia spoke with said that even though sales are increasing, constant innovation is important to stay ahead of the competition.

"For our online distribution, we have seen about a 10 per cent increase year-on-year, which we are really happy with,” said the general manager of Intercontinental Singapore Tash Tobias. “Because as a lot of people would know, the mooncake business overall is not necessarily growing dramatically, so for us, it is all about becoming more and more competitive every year with interesting flavours and great packaging."

"When you go to a mooncake store - let's say in Takashimaya - there are so many booths of mooncakes, the first impression is the eye. So if you want to be outstanding, you need to have a very nice box to be standing out so that people will purchase it from you. And this is something that is a must for us every year," added the senior executive sous chef at Fairmont Singapore Wong Chin Yee.

Fairmont Singapore estimates mooncake sales are up 20 per cent so far, from 2014.


From a business standpoint, mooncake packaging can also function as a valuable marketing tool. A professor from the National University of Singapore said outstanding boxes could lead to additional brand exposure as consumers end up collecting and keeping the ones they like.

"People do collect them and they realise that when people collect them, the brand name is still there. And people pay attention to that, so it is interesting marketing premium so to speak,” said Associate Professor of Marketing Tan Soo Jiuan from NUS Business School. 

“Previously people gave out calendars with the brand name on it or company name, or even diaries, but these mooncake boxes can be very attractive and unique and creative, so it really helps the makers to make a name for themselves. And it remains in the minds of the consumers much more," added Assoc Prof Tan.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, hotels said production is being stepped up in order to meet any last-minute demand before Sunday. 

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